White Russian Strain

White Russian Strain

White Russian is one of our favorite strains. The White Russian Strain of medical marijuana provides amazing relief from pain, anxiety, and migraines. It is incredibly high in THC and is a very cerebral experience. Has Uplifting, creative, relaxing medicinal effects. Our White Russian’s gardener has perfected the fertilization and growing process of the plant to help provide consistant and incredibly potent, crystal-filled marijuana.

Wonderful Pain, Migraine, and Anxiety Relief Strain – Cerebral – Sativa Strain

Strain Name: White Russian
Gram: $10/g
Eighth: $40
Quarter: $70
Half: $130
Ounce: $260
RX good for: STRESS, Anxiety, Pain, Migraines, Lack of Appetite
Effects (+): Euphoric, Creative, Energetic, Happy, Uplifted
Effects (-): Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes
Type: Sativa Dom. Hybrid
Genetics: AK47 x White Widow
Organic?: Yes

Additional Features:

White Russian Strain Reviews

Amazing head high and subtle body high that hit me pretty hard even with a high tolerance. Lasted about 2 – 2.5 hours. Great strain.

Really attractive weed. Covered in trichomes. Good smoke as well, 9/10

The Russian is no joke! Not for the feint hearted… Loud odor, kicks like a mule, and eases all stress with a very relaxed afterglow.

I have found my daytime med! Just a little goes a long way, very creative/energetic while still keeping the pain in check. Not a long lasting high but leaves you relaxed with no couch lock.
Smokes like hash, first hit will seem smooth then expand just after exhale.
I have MD and this strain helps with the spasms, some of the pain but mainly energizes me to move the body around which helps a lot.

Some of the best bud I have used. It has a wonderfully strong aroma and taste. The effects are great providing both a head and body high that is one of the best I’ve experienced. I highly recommend this bud as a long time smoker and person with anxiety.